Welcome to the third and final part of our blog series about what to look for in a financial advisor! In this post, we’ll look at the various emphases with financial advisors can focus on, and, of course, what their character is like at the core.

What is Their Emphasis?

The world of wealth management, accounting, and financial advising is large in scope. Before you get in deep with any advisors, you’ll want to know where their focus lies.

Every firm has its own focus. You might find a wealth management team that’s robust, covering all categories depending on which financial advisor you team up with. You might find one that focuses heavily on one emphasis, such as Kennedy Wealth Management, where we specialize in retirement income planning. If you have a specific need in mind, it’s best to find a firm that specializes in it.

Here are some of the different specializations that you often find in the financial world:

  • Retirement Income Planning: At our California wealth management firm, this is our bread and butter. A retirement income firm can help you with 401k and pension rollover strategies, life insurance planning and long-term care, wealth transfer, estate planning, investment management, and Social Security Maximization.
  • Tax Accounting: A favorite of CPA’s, many finance professionals specialize on tax accounting. Millions of Americans have little to no understanding of how to maximize their tax returns, so they rely on professional accountants to help them out.
  • Debt Management: Some financial firms are committed to helping those who are in financial trouble, providing expert advice and consultation which can help them climb out of debt.

Investment Advisors: Investment advisors can help you to find the best ways to get big returns from your money. If you’re interested in investing in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, and so on, they’re the ones to ask. These firms help you with more general investments, which is different from retirement firms, which focus on investments that will specifically benefit you in old age.

What Kind of Person Are They?

The last big thing you want to look out for in a potential financial advisor is one of the most important — what kind of people are they? This is important to analyze, whether you plan to work with an individual or an entire team of finance professionals.

Sometimes, you just get a bad feeling about someone, and even if the price is right, you often want to trust your gut. Financial advisors have significant sway over your money, savings, and investments, and they’re also someone you’ll probably cultivate a long-term relationship with. Do you really want to start all that up with someone who gives you the creeps?

Mark Kennedy’s Upstanding Team

At the end of the day, it’s your call as to whether or not someone feels right, and no amount of words can change that. But for what it’s worth, Mark Kennedy is proud to have hired a team of hardworking, honest financial advisors.

Every member of our team has extensive experience in putting clients’ needs ahead of their own, and have been praised many times over by clients as being exceptionally pleasant to work with.

Mark Kennedy, founder and president of Kennedy Wealth Management, LLC., is a former member of the United States Air Force, and he has a passion for charity, and quality time with his friends and family.

Trusted Financial Advisors in Calabasas and Woodland Hills

Choosing a financial advisor is a big decision. There’s a tremendous amount of trust you have to put in the individual or firm that you work with, and that’s why it’s always worth it to ask all the questions we mentioned in this list.

At Kennedy Wealth Management, LLC., we always put the needs of our clients first. If you’re looking for a qualified team of finance professionals to help guide you to a successful and prosperous retirement, we’re the team to call.

We serve clients in and around Calabasas and Woodland Hills. The price of living in California is more than expensive than ever, so the importance of being financially prudent can’t be overstated. We want to help everybody have a blissful retirement because we believe that everybody deserves an era in their lives where they can kick back and enjoy the fruit of their labors.

We know that our team of wealth management professionals will leave an impression on you. Contact Kennedy Wealth Management, LLC., to get started with your retirement income planning today!