1. When to Hire a Financial Adviser

    You may be unsure about hiring a financial advisor to guide you, and we entirely understand. Many people are concerned that a financial planner will only try to sell them items and packages that they do not need. While some may do this, finding a good financial advisor isn’t as hard as you may thi…Read More

  2. How Do Life Insurance Policies Work?

    Cars have airbags and spare tires, planes have emergency oxygen masks and cushions that turn into floatation devices, and buildings have fire extinguishers in case the place should catch fire. Just as we hope to never have to use these things, it’s nice to know that they are there if we need them.…Read More

  3. Term Insurance vs. Life Insurance

    We at Kennedy Financial & Insurance Services Inc. understand that life insurance can be confusing. When you hear terms such as “term life insurance” or “whole life insurance,” it isn’t always clear which one you should choose. Today, we would like to give you an overview of these two p…Read More

  4. Who Needs Life Insurance?

    It can be scary to begin thinking about your plans for the end of your life, but it is oftentimes quite necessary. If you find yourself asking whether or not you need life insurance, we are here to guide you! To be quite honest, not everyone needs to worry about their life insurance yet, but many pe…Read More