At Kennedy Wealth Management, we utilize all options and products in the right way. We strive to ensure that your funds are protected from taxes and costly fees, allowing you and your family to enjoy more of these investments. Highly knowledgeable about all aspects of financial planning, our advising team can help you navigate the muddy waters of retirement and estate planning, keeping, protecting and passing along more of your assets to your loved ones while limiting your debt and tax liabilities.

IRA Legacy Planning

As another piece of the estate planning puzzle, IRA legacy planning allows you to protect your IRA when passing it along to beneficiaries after your death. IRA accounts have quickly become one of the most significant types of assets bequeathed, meaning that they are unfortunately vulnerable to income and estate taxes, taking more than 75 percent of the account before your family sees any of those funds.

By guiding you towards choosing and structuring your IRA account, we can help you provide your heirs with a reliable source of income while leaving the bulk of your IRA invested, growing under a tax-deferred plan. Proven to protect your assets from excessive fees and taxes, this tactic often yields more money paid out to your beneficiary over their lifetime.


There are many different types of trusts, and they can be complex to set up and execute. However, a trust can be a very flexible and advantageous means to transfer your assets in the future. Most trusts also provide current benefits, such as tax deferral and deductions. Unlike a will, a trust will avoid probate upon your death. To learn more about trusts and how they may benefit you, please consult a qualified estate planning attorney who specializes in these matters.