With Americans now living far longer than previous generations, it’s become imperative that more affordable and flexible retirement options be available for a larger group of people. Unfortunately, the possibility of outliving savings and income is a harsh reality for many Americans. Furthermore, just one serious health problem or business or financial loss can mean that your current plan could be devastated. Incorporating insurance and investment options, we can help get you closer to a guaranteed income throughout your retirement.

Formulating an individualized plan, considering your current income level, the age of expected retirement, lifestyle plans and current savings and investments, our team strives to ensure that your retirement goals are achievable and realistic. By factoring in rising health care costs, inflation and tax considerations, we work to avoid the financial pitfalls that are often overlooked by less-than-knowledgeable financial advisors. Our all-encompassing approach to retirement is designed to help you solidify your investments and income level throughout your retirement years.

We establish plans with you and your family in mind because we want to make your retirement dreams come true. Find out more about our customized financial planning services by contacting the Kennedy Wealth Management team today.