1. Estate Planning – For The Future (Christopher Haymon)

    Estate planning might sound like something your parents or even grandparents need to worry about. However, contrary to popular belief, the earlier you begin outlining your future finances, the better off you’ll be — especially if you have a spouse or children. Whether you’re in your 20s or 30s…Read More

  2. retirement planning

    5 Retirement Planning Tricks You Should Be Doing In Your 20s

    At Kennedy Wealth Management, we provide a variety of financial advising services to folks in Southern California, but our biggest focus by far is retirement income planning. We believe that everybody deserves the right to spend the last few decades of their life in carefree happiness, and we’re h…Read More

  3. debt planning

    5 Ways to Deal With Debt Stress

    If you’re here on our website right now, reading this blog, it’s likely that you’re seeking financial advice one way or the other. That is, after all, what we do at Kennedy Wealth Management. While there are plenty of reasons for financially secure people to seek wealth management strategies, …Read More

  4. Maximizing Your Social Security

    When it comes to planning your retirement income, it’s incredibly important to consider the social security benefits you’ll be earning. Unfortunately, it’s not as cut and dry as just relying on a given number — the amount of your social security benefits are determined by a number of factors…Read More

  5. Non-Financial Ways to Prep for Retirement

    At Kennedy Wealth Management, LLC, we have helped countless clients prepare financially for their retirement years. When you’re young and working, this should absolutely be a priority for you if you want to build a future where you can spend the final portion of your life in happiness and relaxati…Read More

  6. How to Teach Retirement Income Planning to Your Kids

    Retirement income planning isn’t like learning basic addition, riding a bike, or learning how to swim. These are all skills that are learned by virtually everyone at a young age, and once internalized, they are not forgotten. You’d be hard pressed to find an adult that couldn’t do those things…Read More